lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (Official Music Video)

ase 2 dias se estrno pero bue lo subo hoy este video meda tristesa por que ase extrñar a de the rev pero bueno se los dejo ;)

my heart is breaking again and this time alone can tell me cry, do not let me enter the reason he did not whole world came crashing down by this news that he suspected my soul, sometimes I think you were lying, but always a part of my trust in you.if this is not that good or if my life is doomed to be suffering, whenever something goes well Sinet a flock of bats sia come to me to bleed, you may want to be your mistress? to live forever so without suffering.I only yell at the world my feelings but I can not for fear.I hate being told what you'll get over but how really know what I feel?I just want to go for another dimencion where everything is better and will have to be alive or dead ...........